Fardeen Khan guilty for attempting to buy cocaine


Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan has been found guilty of attempting to buy cocaine on Tuesday by a Mumbai court. The case is dated in the year 2001, but he has been dropped of the charges of possessing more than two grams of the drug.

The court will be announcing the final verdict on 2nd November, after which the actor might have to spend six months behind the bars. Khan said that now he has been charged only for attempting to buy cocaine.

While talking to the reporters outside the court, the actor said that the charges pertaining to the possession of cocaine have been dropped. Fardeen added that this has been something that he had been appealing to the court since ten years and now he is happy with the way things are going on.

In the year 2001, the Narcotics Control Bureau had arrested the actor from Juhu in Northwest Mumbai for the charges of possessing cocaine. The other two people Nasir Sheikh, who had sold the drug and also Tony Gomes, who had supplied the drug, were also arrested by the NCB. The NCB had alleged that the actor had attempted to buy nine grams of cocaine, while Fardeen said that he had only attempted to buy one gram of cocaine.