Kareena Kapoor tears off expensive gown for Criminal


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood actress Kareen Kapoor has always created a new style statement to all the films in which she has worked. Even in her upcoming flick, ‘Ra.One’, the actress decided to rip off her expensive gown for the shooting of the song ‘Criminal’ in the movie.

During the shoot, Kareena was wearing an expensive gown that was specially ordered for the song. But then the actress had thought that it wasn’t sexy enough and came up with a wild idea.

The ‘Jab We Met’ actress cut the dress to make it short and sexy, after which the outfit looked great and was very well appreciated. However, Kareena had decided this along with her favorite designer Manish Malhotra.

In fact, it was Manish who had come up with the idea after which they had cut the gown short, which the song had required. The celebrity designer said that it had worked for the better and they are getting some good responses for the song. Kareena has always started a trend with her clothes that she wears in her movies. After all, the actress deserves to be called a diva and maintains her position.

Kareena will soon be seen in the sci-fi flick ‘Ra.One’ which also stars Shahrukh Khan.