Shahrukh Khan in ‘Student Of The Year’ for a cameo


Bollywood Garam: Film maker Karan Johar will be making a film for the first time that will not have his lucky charm and best friend Shahrukh Khan. The fact is that the two had mutually decided that the two would just work behind the scenes for the movie ‘Student Of The Year’ as co-producers.

Still Karan seems like he does not want to let go of his lucky charm. Sources from the production unit have said that Karan has asked Shahrukh to do at least a cameo in the film as the actor has always been a part of Karan’s movies.

On Karan’s insisting, the ‘Om Shanti Om’ actor has agreed to do the cameo. The only thing is that that duration of the cameo is not yet clear.

Earlier it was decided that Shahrukh would star in the movie as the dean of the college and Karan had personally crafted the role for the actor. Yet the best friends had come to a conclusion that the character does not fit right. Now actor Rishi Kapoor has been roped in to play the role of the dean in the movie. But since Shahrukh is back, Karan is happy to have him at least for the cameo. Currently, the makers are working on the look and character of Shahrukh’s role.