Amar Upadhyay to be the next Dolly Bindra in Bigg boss 5


Now that the handsome TV actor Amar Upadhyay has entered the controversial house of Bigg Boss 5, the intentions of the actor are now clearly seen. In fact the actor has before entering the house had revealed all his intentions to be the next Dolly Bindra in the house to create more controversy.

Before entering the house Amar had said that he will be entering the house with a clear intention of making things even worse. The actor said that he knows that the girls are already fed up of each other and he would be adding more fuel to it.

Amar even confessed that he might even become the next Dolly Bindra but will not go down to that level as they are girls. The Mihir Virani of ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ fame had even revealed that he has a bad temper which can be lost any time.

The actor said that he would not care if anyone talks ill about him in the house. Upadhyay even said that he does not care that he would lose his good boy image that he had made during the daily soap and that he would be himself while in the house. This has clearly indicated that this time there is plenty of drama in store in the house of Bigg Boss 5.