‘Ra.One’ in trouble before Diwali release


The most ambitious movie ‘Ra.One’ by Shahrukh Khan which is supposed to be released during the festival of Diwali, is now caught in trouble. A TV producer and writer has alleged of plagiarism and has taken the case to the Bombay High Court.

TV producer Yash Patnaik has claimed that he owns the copyright of the content as well as the concept of ‘Ra.One’, which is produced by Shahrukh’s Red Chillies Entertaiment. Patnaik has demanded for the stay on the release of the movie until he is given the credit of the concept.

Or if he is not given the credit then he has demanded 10% of the profits of the movie. Ravindra Kadam, the lawyer of Patnaik has said that the hero in the movie resembles the hero in Patnaik’s 2006 concept.

Kadam had said that the villain in Patnaik’s concept was called as ‘One’, which has been copied by Shahrukh for the title and the names of the characters. On the other hand Shahrukh’s lawyer has said that Patnaik cannot claim copyright on the concept as it has been designed by the team of experts that he had engaged. Janak Dwarkadas, one of the distributors for Eros Entertainment had said that the copies of the film have already distributed to the theatres.