Sayali Bhagat files complaint against Shiney Ahuja for sexual harassment


After all the controversial journey of Shiney Ahuja, while fighting against the allegations of rape on his domestic help, the actor has once again been roped in another allegation. This time actress Sayali Bhagat has filed a complaint against Ahuja for sexual harassment.

Certain reports had earlier surfaced that the actor had pinched Sayali’s butt, after which the actress came out and said that he had not pinched her butt but had made many passes at her and had also made it clear that working with the actor is no less than mental molestation.

Later the situation had become worse when Ahuja’s wife Anupam had threatened Sayali to stop spoiling her husband’s image. Anupam, who has always been with her husband during hard times was also sending Bhagat messages telling her not to complain.

This had triggered Sayali to also include Anupam complaint. Anupam was the one who was standing besides her husband and constantly defending him and shouting in the court that her husband was innocent. Even when Shiney in the month of April was released on bail, Anupam was the one who was cheering her husband. Sayali is a Bollywood actress and the former Miss India and is known for her movies like ‘The Train’ and ‘Halla Bol’.