Silk Smitha’s brother demands special screening of ‘The Dirty Picture’


As the release of the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ fast approaches, the brother of the popular actress Silk Smitha is now in the news. Silk’s brother Nagavaprasad is a lorry driver but is fuming over the way his sister’s image is being portrayed in the movie.

Earlier, the makers of the movie said that it would be based on the controversial life of the actress ‘Silk Smitha’, who was known for her sensuality and had died in a mysterious way. But after the objection of the family of the actress, the makers have now denied that the movie is based on the actress.

Silk’s brother has now demanded a special screening of the movie for him and his lawyer, so that they could rule out if thee was anything objectionable in the movie. Nagavaprasad said that there is some mystery surrounding the death of her sister.

The brother of the controversial actress added that certain doubts have still not been cleared and that the makers cannot make a movie without the consent of the family. He added that he has already sent many notices to the producers of the movie as well as the Censor Board but has not received any response so far. Even During Vidya’s recent visit to Hyderabad, the actress denied that the movie is based on the life of the actress Silk.