Ram Gopal Varma finds the most beautiful woman, Nathalia Kaur


Film maker Ram Gopal Varma has once again found his new muse in Nathalia Kaur. Earlier Varma confessed that he had approached Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone for an item song in the upcoming movie ‘Department’.

But somehow things could not be worked out between him and Leone and the song then went to Kaur. Nathalia is a Brazalian model of Indian descent and Varma said that he has never in his entire career seen a woman more beautiful than her.

The film maker said that he has never hidden the fact that he is a devotee of women’s beauty and added that Kaur’s beauty is electrifying and sparks out of every nook and curve of her face as well as body. RGV continue to say that her face looks classically beautiful and her body looks like the perfect embodiment of an ultimate female figure.

Nathalia in the upcoming movie will be seen doing an item song ‘Dan Dan’. The movie also stars Sanjay Dutt and Rana Daggubati. Varma wrote on Twitter that Sunny was supposed to do the item song but was happy that it did not work out as he would have lost a golden chance to work with Nathalia.