Sonam Kapoor walks off the sets of Mausam in anger

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Bollywood Garam: Star kids tend to come with their own share of tantrums. The latest to join the bandwagon is angry actress Sonam Kapoor. Besides the rumours making the rounds that Sonam has problems with several stars in the film industry after having entered it barely 2 years ago, here’s another ugly feather in her cap. Sonam allegedly stormed out of the sets of the movie “Mausam” due to reported issues with the way things were (not) organised.

If buzz is too be believed, the “Aisha” star was scheduled to shoot a dance scene for Mausam in Chandigarh, but it seemed that everything seemed to be going wrong ( pretty hard to believe this happens in Chandigarh). Right from the time she arrived, it is alleged she didn’t get a hotel room, nor did she get her make-up person and vanity van on time, and got so annoyed that she was enraged and left the set. However, an eyewitness said that this wasn’t the case, and that Sonam was throwing too many tantrums the moment she arrived, and started making a big scene for any small thing. However, the actress denies any of this ever taking place.

Star tantrums or probably hormomes? If this story is true, all we have to say that it is time Sonam keeps her mouth zipped and learns how to be professional if she wants to survive in Bollywood. At the current rate, her brash talking has made her enemies with stars like Aishwarya Rai, Ranbir Kapoor and his family, Shobha De and the list goes on. If she continues and doesn’t soften up, Anil Kapoor’s girl may just not be a much loved actress in the industry anymore. Wake up Sonam!