Sunny Leone not happy about lingerie auction


Just a while back the makers of the upcoming movie ‘Jism 2’ announced that they will be auctioning every clothing they used for the shoot of the movie and will donate the amount to charity. Director Pooja Bhatt added that the clothes will also include the underwear used by the actors.

The news of the auction created a furore, but it seems like the lead actress of the movie Sunny Leone is not too happy about it. Reports say that Bhatt called for the charity auction without informing the Indo-Canadian porn star.

And Sunny was not even aware of the development and came to know when the news spread through the news channels. Sunny was upset because the actress was not informed about it by the makers.

Leone was upset not because of the auction, but it could have been good if she was informed about it. Sources from the production unit say that it was due to the lack of communication because Sunny had returned to India from the ‘Jism 2’ shoot from Sri Lanka on the day Pooja made the announcement. However, all the clothes belong to the producers and that they can do anything with them. But later the actor discussed the issue with Pooja and the matter was then clarified.