Katrina Kaif tries to get back with Salman Khan?

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Bollywood Garam: After Bollywood’s most popular couple Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan had called off their relationship, the “Namastey London” actress allegedly wants Salman back for some reasons. This time, the actress is rumoured to want the “Dabangg” actor back exclusively for career reasons. This could be just another Katrina Kaif rumour.

Filmmaker Kabir Khan is soon going to sit in the Director’s chair for the first time for the Yash Raj banner. Katrina is reportedly Kabir’s favorite and he has already worked with her in the movie ‘New York’.

Kabir now wants Salman to be in his next film and that the convincing job has to be done by Katrina herself. Friends from the production unit have said that Katrina is now gone back to Salman’s family and is trying to convince them to talk to her about the movie.

The actress is allegedly irritating Salman’s family to convince him for the movie. On the other hand, Salman’s family, who is already angry with the actress after the break up, are now frustrated due to Katrina’s recent intervention in Salman’s life. The couple had reportedly split as Salman was interfering in Katrina’s career decisions. Salman did not like the way Katrina had gelled with Akshay Kumar in the recent films. Moreover, the angry actor did not even like the promos of the movie ‘Welcome’, as she was seen wearing short skirts in it.

But if the recent buzz is to believed, Salman Khan is supposed to be back with his former love Somy Ali. If this is just about the movie, or about the woman in his life, only Kat can clarify if these rumours are true, or if it is just another character assassinating.