MMS scandal based movie Ragini MMS to reshoot scenes as producer Ekta Kapoor not happy


Bollywood Garam: The much awaited movie this summer called Ragini MMS was all ready to release this hot summer on the 13th of May 2011. These days the summers are getting hotter and the same is the case with Bollywood movies. Ragini MMS was under production and when producer Ekta Kapoor saw some takes of the movie, she was unhappy and now wants to redo some hot scenes in the movie possibly fearing a bad review.

Certain scenes of the movie will have to be shot again as per Ekta Kapoor. The world famous Indian television icon wants to make sure that the movie is as per her standards. The movie named Ragini MMS is self explained, that it is a movie based on an MMS scandal. The scenes to be redone in the movies are intimate scenes and friends and crew that saw the movie preview also felt the same as Ekta.

This could also be one reason that the movie’s release date may be pushed a little ahead. Ekta Kapoor is very well known in the television industry in India and her family hails for the biggies in the Bollywood industry. Ekta is a perfectionist and is not an easy lady to please on the sets.