Manisha Koirala to end her marriage with Samrat Dahl


Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has been in news ever since she tied the knot with her boyfriend Samrat Dahl in the year 2010. Since then the marriage of the actress had been under scanner.

Many times the actress took the help of the social network to express her feelings about what she was going through. But now reports say that the actress has taken the decision and plans to call off the wedding.

Recent reports have said that the two year old marriage has come to an end. One of the close friends of the actress revealed, “Manisha is in Mumbai and happy”. The couple had actually taken the decision to separate a few weeks back but Manisha still goes to Nepal as her family lives there.

The friend added, “Certain marriages work out, some don’t. Manisha and Samrat have taken it in their stride.” Manisha a few months back had confided to her friends about her unhappy married life. But then she made peace with her husband and returned to Nepal. But with time even the differences increased and Manisha soon returned to India. Moreover, the actress in the month of January had joined the Oneness University near Chennai so that she could gather strength and make her marriage work.