Rakhi Sawant declines international Kamasutra project

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Bollywood Garam: Bollywood’s most popular item girl Rakhi Sawant had recently turned down an international Kamasutra
project, which needed her to pose for sex positions on screen. Surprisingly, the actress who normally does not have any qualms about exposing her assets, had turned down the offer saying that it would be awkward for her and would just be glorified porn.

An international film maker had approached Rakhi to make a docu drama on ‘Kamasutra’. The actress was told that she needed to pose for sexual positions in the movie with a male co-star, to which the bold Rakhi refused to accept.

Rakhi said that Kamasutra is also about aesthetics and the film makers who had approached me did not know about its importance. In an announcement, Sawant said, “I wasn’t keen on doing the project, even though it was an international one and I was getting the lead role in the movie. It wasn’t a big banner or a big director, so I did not want to take the risk.”

The item girl added that she does not have any qualms on exposing, but posing for sexual positions did not sound good to her. Rakhi has always been known for her bold image and her recent decline has proved that the actress too has a limit. Way to go Rakhi!