Poonam Pandey to tease the public today despite opposition?


Bollywood Garam: Indian model Poonam Pandey has suddenly shot to fame after her drastic claim to go nude for the Indian Cricket team, if they win the 2011 ICC World Cup. The 19-year-old is discussed by every individual and is also cheered by many  in India, but at the same time, critics say that this is all one big publicity stunt to push her into the limelight.

The former Kingfisher calendar model has to go through a rough road in order to get the right value for her fame. The model has been grilled by many, saying that she is spoiling the name of the Brahmin community by making such a mockery of her values.

Though she remains strong to her commitment to strip and her Facebook profile is buzzing with fans hoping to see her strip, Poonam will have to go through lots of opposition to make her strip act come true.

Morever, the Shiv Sena party people have also warned the model not to go nude, else she will have to face the consequences. Meanwhile, PETA has asked Poonam to go nude for animals, instead of the Indian Cricket team.

An advocate in Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh has sued both Poonam and Vijay Mallya for encouraging nudity. R K Pandey has said that Mallya has published a semi-nude photograph of the model on his Kingfisher calendar. The case will be heard on 5th April 2011. But Poonam still insists that she will face all the difficulties and keep her promise, no matter what. She has thanked the media and the public for the support that she has got in the recent days. Now it is all up to the Indian Cricket team to decide if Poonam should strip or not.

In any case, fans will be cheering the Indian team to win the World Cup, and after that will cheer Poonam Pandey to keep to her promise. Let’s see if Poonam Pandey strips today?