Anu Malik, Tanisha Mukherjee have fun on sets of Comedy Nights Taaza!

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See Exclusive Pictures from Comedy Nights Taaza Episode Featuring Anu Malik and Tanisha Mukherjee

Bollywood composer Anu Malik and actress Tanisha Mukherjee shot for a special episode on the show ‘Comedy Nights Taaza’ on Mumbai on January 15, 2017.

The Neal ‘n’ Nikki actress appeared on the show in a long floral printed skirt and a black top, paired with a statement neckpiece while Anu Malik chose to go all formal with a dark grey suit.

Anu Tanisha comedy2
Guests Anu Malik and Tanisha Mukherjee break a leg with comedian Krishna on the sets of Comedy Nights Taaza. The episode aired on January 15, 2017

The composer and the actress had a great time with all the comedians on the show and enjoyed the roast throughout!

We even got a few pictures from the several role play acts performed by all the comedians on the show –

Comedian Sudesh Lahiri dressed up as Bigg Boss Season 10 contestant Lopa Mudra, actor and comedian Krishna Abhishek dressed up at Bigg Boss Season 10 contestant Swami OM ji in a role play act, which was a complete laughter riot!

Anu Tanisha comedy3
Comedians Krishna and Sudesh playact contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10

This act was followed by an imitation of VJ Bani, who is currently a strong contender of the winning title in Bigg Boss Seaosn 10. Comedian Aditi did a fantastic job with the dumbells and braids, while Krishna continued his playact of Swami OM ji, throughout.

Anu Tanisha comedy4
Comedians Krishna and Aditi playact contestants from Bigg Boss Season 10

Other highlights from the show include, Mona Singh’s spot on imitation of the stereotypical hindi television soap opera ‘bahu’ and stand up comedian Manan Desai’s hilarious imitation of a newly wed woman!

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The entire cast of Comedy Nights Taaza poses with guests Anu Malik and Tanisha Mukherjee after the shoot

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Photo Credits: Colors TV