Salman Khan upset with Antara Mali


Bollywood actor Salman Khan, after rescuing the veteran photographer Jagdish Mali recently, lashed out at the photographers daughter Antara Mali. Jagdish Mali was rescued from the streets in a semi nude condition in Mumbai. However, in a press statement his daughter Antara clarified that her father was not an alcoholic and is diabetic and relies on insulin injections to stay normal, otherwise he could get disoriented.

Jagdish was spotted by actress Mink Brar in a bad state, who then called Salman for help. However Antara said in her statement said that she does not need anyone’s help in taking care of her father.

Salman reacted to the actress’ statement and said , “Your father is seen walking in a semi-nude condition on the road and you are saying he doesn’t need help… You tell me then who needs help?” The ‘Dabangg 2’ actor added that when he got the message from Brar he tried to contact a few people to help the photographer.

Salman was speaking at the launch of a store related to his NGO ‘Being Human’. While talking about the photographer, the actor said that Jagdish Mali was a very big photographer and that many people used to struggle to get a photo shoot with him. Mali has also worked with many ‘A list’ celebrities and was shaped the images of stars like Rekha in the past.