Breaking – Punjab Police denies arresting Rakhi Sawant, team says she surrendered

Image courtesy - Rakhi sawant Fan Club of Instagram

Rakhi Sawant is allegedly facing legal wrath after objectionable comments on Valmiki

Just yesterday, Bollywood Garam reported that former item girl and reality star Rakhi Sawant had a case filed against her in a local Ludhiana court. It was also reported that policemen from Ludhiana were on their way to arrest her in Mumbai, warrant in hand. Different media outlets are reporting different stories, a statement from Punjab police has confirmed that Rakhi Sawant has not been arrested.

Dhruman Nimbale, DCP in Ludhiana has confirmed to TOI, “There has been no arrest of Rakhi Sawant by Ludhiana Police in Mumbai. Four-member team sent there is scheduled to return Wednesday morning and is in train currently.”

Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kunwar Vijay Partap has also confirmed the same to Indian Express, “No arrest of Rakhi Sawant…. News coming in media is not correct. However, a police team from Ludhiana went to Mumbai to execute a warrant issued by a court of Ludhiana. But, she was not found at the given address and police team is on way back to Punjab after completing necessary formalities in the local police station of Mumbai.” We are currently awaiting further updates on the same from Ludhiana Police.

The reason Rakhi Sawant has found herself in hot soup is over a comment she made last year. During an interview, she passed a comment about the sage Valmiki, writer of the Ramayan. She said, in no unclear words, that he was once a murderer who turned his life around and become a saint. This led to a case being filed against her in a Ludhiana court, since she had “hurt the sentiments” of his followers.

Reports began emerging that she had not shown up in court on the appointed dates, due to which she was now being summoned through force by local police who were coming to the city for her arrest. But, as it has been confirmed by the DCP, she indeed is not in handcuffs, on her way to Ludhiana at the moment. Why the police even came to Mumbai is yet uncertain, but Rakhi Sawant remains a free woman.

She was interviewed by ANI about the entire issue and her take on it. Her response was, “I am not Salman Khan. I am Rakhi Sawant. You won’t get anything by putting charges on me. I am a simple girl who does social work and work in movies. I just gave an example from what I have read in my childhood. Just like Valmiki, who got changed from being a robber to a saint, Mika ji has also changed. It was just an example. When I got the news, I initially thought it was an April Fool’s prank. I don’t know why I am being targeted. Maybe because I belong to the film industry, I am an easy target.”

She also issued an apology to those followers of Valmiki who may have been hurt by her statement.

Image Credits: Rakhi Sawant fan club Instagram