Vinod Khanna’s wife unhappy with leaked hospital photo circulating in media

Photo of a sick Vinod Khanna from the hospital which went viral last week

Vinod Khanna is going through a health crisis, and Kavita Khanna would like their family issues to remain private

Bollywood fans were in shock last week when they got to know that veteran actor Vinod Khanna was hospitalized. Initial reports stated that he was suffering from severe dehydration and that everything was fine. He was on his way to a speedy recovery. However, an image taken by an unknown source began circulating in the media soon after. The stark difference between the dashing man we’ve seen on screen for decades and the emaciated figure he’s become was nothing short of frightening.

His sons, actors Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna have been constantly giving updates, reassuring the public that all is well and that their father is doing better. As Bollywood Garam had earlier reported, Vinod Khanna is allegedly suffering from cancer of the bladder and is now a resident at HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Girgaum, Mumbai. His wife, Kavita Khanna is bound to be stressed out by her husband’s ailing health. And the last thing she needs is to have her private life opened out for all the world to see. The image of her ailing husband hitting the headlines and being circulated on social media does not bode well with her. In no uncertain terms, she has made it very clear that she is not happy with that viral photograph at all. She is reported to have said, “STOP POSTING VINOD KHANNA’S PHOTOS. Please don’t bother him. HE’S OUR HERO. LET HIM BE.”

The fact is that fans are genuinely worried about Vinod Khanna. He’s been our hero, too from the bygone era of Bollywood’s golden era. All fans want is to see their hero and know that he is, in fact, getting better and that his health, on the contrary, isn’t failing. But it is also not right to have his images doing the rounds on the internet, and supporting the Khanna household at this difficult time is imperative.