Movie Review- Break Ke Baad is a cute film more than anything else


Break Ke Baad is fresh just because of the star cast but the movie has basically nothing that it can hold on to. But Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone really look cute as an onscreen couple. They are the only points’ scorer of the film.

The film is a regular romantic comedy (romcom) with no freshness (story wise). One feels, Break Ke Baad has been by using a set formula. But all the formulae do not work all the time.

Imaran is playing the role of Abhay and Deepika is portraying Aaliyah’s character. Both of them are childhood buddies and deeply in love with each other. And love brings small and cute fights, temporary break-ups and the longing for the loved one after that.

Break Ke Baad is all about making and breaking up relationships. The film is directed by Danish Aslam and it is not a bad attempt at all.

The music of the film is composed by the energetic duo Vishal – Shekhar, the other plus point of Break Ke Baad. People who really love to feel the ‘cute- cute’ feeling should not mind watching this film once.

Source: TOI