Sara Khan walks out of sets in anger?


Bollywood Garam: Television actress Sara Khan, who is known for her short tempered nature, had recently walked out of the sets of the series ‘Ram Milay Jodi’. The actress was apparently miffed by the rude behavior of the director Jafar and had left the sets without informing anyone.

A source from the crew of the sets alleged that the director had misbehaved many times with other people on the sets. But may be this time Jafar crossed the line and overreacted with the actress.

The source went on to say that the director had always misbehaved with the actors on the sets and thought that he had an upper hand over the crew members just because they were part of his series. The channel has reportedly expelled the director and appointed a new one.

Jafar had used foul language and had allegedly triggered the anger of Sara, who left the sets in a bad mood. On the other hand, when Sara was asked about the incident, the actress denied that any such thing happened and that she had left the sets, as she had some work. When Jafar was contacted the director refused to comment on the incident. Meanwhile, Sara’s co-actor Nishant Malkani had said that Jafar was a very sweet and well behaved person and said that different people have different views on different people.