Kangana Ranaut carries Jaya Bachchan’s ‘Sholay’ look for ‘Double Dhamaal’


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who will soon be seen in the movie ‘Double Dhamaal’, has been given new look by the director. The actress in the movie will resemble a widow from the block buster movie ‘Sholay’.

Kangana will be carrying the look that was once carried by Jaya Bachchan in the movie ‘Sholay’ which had created history.

The ‘Gangster’ actress has been given a white sari – instead of normal clothes – to resemble a widow from the movies in the olden days. Kangana’s widow role was confirmed by director Indra Kumar and said that the look was given to the actress for a funny scene in the movie.

Kumar also made it clear that they do not intend to make fun or pass any derogatory remarks on actress Jaya Bachchan or even on the movie ‘Sholay’. Kangana will be seen wearing almost no make up for the scene. The director also added that the scene just shows the difference between the widows in the olden days, who just wore white saris and would only cook for their mother. In the movie, the ‘Fashion’ actress plays the role of a hot and sexy secretary to actor Sanjay Dutt.