Sushil Kumar makes it big with five crores at Kaun Banega Crorepati


After Harshwardhan Nawathe, the winner of one crore during the first three seasons, of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, Sushil Kumar a resident of a small town in Bihar has hit the jackpot with five crores. Kumar once an unknown person is now a popular face and name in the town as well as the TV industry.

Till now no one has forgotten Harshwardhan and now even Sushil’s name will be written in golden words. Sushil comes from a poor background and does not even have a proper house, the roof of which has been destroyed.

Kumar did not even have money to repair the roof and had also left his ambition to appear for the civil service examinations. Sushil now planned to help all his brothers as they too are struggling in their life.

The winner has said that people who had rarely talked to him now come and talk to him, which is a great feeling for him. Sushil is not upset that he would get just 3.5 crores after the income tax reductions and has said that it is enough for himself and his family. Kumar has now planned to make a house and also pursue is dreams to appear for civil service examinations.