‘I Am Singh’ movie review, poor film making


The movie ‘I Am Singh’ is a story based on racial discrimination and is directed by Puneet Issar, who has also played a role in the movie. The story has been based on the 9/11 attacks on America and its effect on the Sikh community.

Ranveer Singh played by Gulzar Chahel, in the movie is a successful businessman, who has brothers living in America. Ranveer’s parents leave to visit their sons in America after which thing go wrong.

The businessman gets a message that one of his brothers has died and the other is missing. Ranveer then rushes to America and finds out that it will not be an easy task to seek justice for his brother.

This is when Fateh Singh played by Puneet Issar, comes in to rescue and agrees to help him. Fateh Singh is a police officer, who helps Ranveer meet an American attorney, who agrees to fight the case. On the other hand some of the police officers are constantly trying to shut the case, but Ranveer is determined to fight it out for his brother. The movie lacks execution as well as a good script. Moreover, the issue raised in the movie is not new and even then the makes have not treated the movie well.