Tanuja creates scene in Mumbai Restaurant


The yester year actress Tanuja, recently got in to trouble with the staff of a popular restaurant in Bandra area in Mumbai when she asked for the left over food to be packed. The actress on December 27, 2011 went out for a dinner along with daughter Tanisha.

Tanuja revealed that she had been to restaurants all over the world who also allowed her to take away the left over food, but the Mumbai restaurant did not allow the actress to do so. When the actress asked what they would do with the left over food, the waiters said that they would throw it.

Later Tanuja also revealed that the restaurant people called the bouncers to make sure that the left over food wasn’t taken out. But on the other hand the restaurant staff had a different story to tell and said that the actress was drunk and was using abusive language.

The staff also said that she was constantly abusing the staff members and also broke one of the awards at the reception. The restaurant people also revealed that the actress also threw food on the floor and despite everything they treated her with respect. Moreover, the restaurant people also revealed that they do not have any bouncers.