MTV Roadies season nine begins with Everything or Nothing


Bollywood Garam: The torturous reality show MTV Roadies is now back with its ninth season and it kicked off on January 7, 2012. The show premiered at 7 pm on MTV with the auditions in Delhi.

Anchal Khurana, the winner of the previous season and the finalists Mohit and Suchit were also present to flag off the ninth season of the show. Every year, thousands of enthusiasts rush in for the auditions and only a few make it to the final cast.

This year, the contestants will be taken to the localities of America and will be given tasks that will be even more deadly and dangerous. The popular judges Raghu and Rajiv will be there for the auditions and the host actor Rannvijay will be taking over the show.

The makers of the show will be picking up talents from Pune, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The EVP and business head Aditya Swamy of MTV India said that the MTV Roadies has become much more than a TV show. Swamy added that it has now become a phenomenon and a wide section of people follow Roadies across every possible screen. The business head also said that only a few get to live the dream and the battle begins for Everything or Nothing.