Agent Vinod Movie Review

AGent vinod

Bollywood Garam: Bollywood actor-turned-producer Saif Ali Khan has finally released his much awaited spy thriller ‘Agent Vinod’ on March 23, 2012. The movie has been directed by Sreeram Raghavan and with the reviews coming in, one should not have high expectations from the movie.

So what does this much hyped movie have to offer to movie-goers? The makers have made the movie with the basic idea of how rival countries India and Pakistan should come together to fight out terrorism. Agent Vinod is the main character in the movie, played by Saif, who is introduced in a Pakistani desert, where he escapes from the clutches of a battalion of guards.

In the initial part, the director  of the movie manages to gain the attention of the audience through the main character, with the help of jumbled names and random numbers. But then the second half of the movie become difficult and starts dragging. One of the major mistakes made by the makers is that they have kept the character too simple to bear. This fails to grab the attention of the audience.

And when the end credits start rolling, the audience will be happy that the so-called ordeal is finally over. The actual reason behind it is that the main character is interesting enough in the first half, but is not of much interest in the second half. Moreover, the film even makes the classic mistake of trying to spell out everything to the audience, much to the disdain of the cinema-goers who paid to watch the film.

This also underestimates the intelligence of the audience and weighs down the entire movie. The director has also attempted to simplify many of the situations and no amount of style can make up for that. However, there are some moments which make the film worth watching like the shoot-out scene and even some of the dialogues are brilliantly executed. Not to forget Kareena Kapoor, who is sexy and brilliant as usual and even the music of the movie is attracting the listeners.