Sunny Leone, Shraddha and Sky nominated in Bigg Boss 5


Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone has been nominated for the first time in the house of Bigg Boss 5. No one had ever expected this outcome, but due to some changes in the nomination process this week, the porn star has been roped in the nomination list.

During the elimination of Pooja Bedi, Bedi saved Juhi Parmar from the upcoming nominations and Mahek Chahel too was saved as she was made the captain of the house follwoing Pooja Missra’s  eviction, Mahek, with the help of her captaincy power, nominated Sky and then Bigg Boss asked the three boys Sky, Amar Upadhyay and Siddharth to nominate two more people in the house.

Amar and Siddharth finalized the names of Shraddha and Sunny despite the opposition of Sky. Shraddha was upset over her nomination and so was Sunny. Sunny could not believe she was nominated and expressed to her friend Sky in the house that she was worried of the other housemates came to know about her past.

Sunny said that she had millions of pages on the web on her name and have her fans in the US. Leone added that she is controversial and when the housemates come to know about her past it would be like a explosion in the house.