Salman in Bigg Boss tour to be expensive for travellers

falguni-pathak With the launch of the first-ever Bigg Boss 6 tour, the audience in India seems to be super excited about the tour. For those who want to get a glimpse of Salman Khan, just remember that it won’t be cheap. As per earlier reports, Salman  clarified that he will not be available on the bus and the people travelling in it should not be misguided to believe that the “Ready” actor will accompany the travelers to Lonavala.

Raj Nayak, the CEO of Colours is excited to have Salman as the host of the show, but said that having the actor aboard does not come cheap. Raj said that the fares for the Bigg Boss tour is Rs. 2,000 per head and on Fridays the fare will be hiked to Rs. 3,000 as they will also get to see Salman Khan shoot for an episode.

Raj told the media that main point of organizing this tour is to spread the word that India’s Bigg Boss reality show is not scripted. The proceeds of the tickets will go to Salman’s NGO “Being Human”.