Shwetha Tiwari is the Bigg Boss 4 winner

Shwetha tiwari

TV actress Shweta Tiwari has won the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 4, and with her win of Rs 1 Crore, Tiwari has confessed that she has learnt many lessons being in the house. “I felt independent; I learned to cook new dishes, and made some good friends,” Shweta said.

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The actress even mentioned some names of the inmates of the house like actor Samir Soni, Seema Parihar and Manoj Tiwari, who will always remain friends for life. Shweta, when questioned about spending the prize money said, “Ek maa kya kar sakti hai itne paiso ka? (what can a mother do with all that money?) Everything that I earn is for Palak. I missed her immensely all the 96 days I was in the house.”

The newly crowned female Bigg Boss 4 winner did not hesitate to say that, her peace of mind was destroyed by actress Dolly Bindra in the house. Shweta alleged Dolly that she always used abusive language in the house and had spoilt the atmosphere.

When asked Miss Tiwari about her relationship with Abhinav Kohli she said that, she wouldn’t entertain such questions for now.

Shwetha Tiwari becomes the first ever female winner of the Bigg Boss 4 show.