Bigg Boss 5 housemates begin to plan against each other

bigg boss

The game of Bigg Boss 5 has now become even more interesting as the contestants are now showing their true colors. The inmates of the house have now started running their minds in terms of playing the game in their favor.

All the members are now planning how to survive in the game to win the ultimate jackpot. Some of the celebrities in the house are using their onscreen popularity, while the others are making the best use of their argument skills.

If you think that only the girls in the house are capable of gossip, then beware as even the men in the house tend to talk about the game and were recently discussing the possibility of eliminations this week. They had said that Pooja Bedi has all the chances of going out of the house.

On the other hand Shraddha Sharma and Amar Upadhyay were seen discussing the upcoming nominations in the house for the next week. They wee also heard plotting against the easy targets to create rifts in the house. The game has now become even more interesting with plenty of arguments and fights within the house which involves Pooja Misrra, Shraddha Sharma and Amar Upadhyay.