Bigg Boss 5 continues to telecast extreme content

bigg boss

Last year after receiving enough warnings from the Information and Broadcasting ministry, the fourth season of Bigg Boss had toned down its content. But now it seems like the show is back to its old platform and the fifth season is even more offensive to the moral values.

Bigg Boss 5, which has now shifted itself to the late night slot at 10:30 pm is back to offending the Indian sensibilities. The show now has actor Shakti Kapoor, who is surrounded with 13 other female contestants and one transgender celebrity.

Lately TV actor Amar Upadhyay has entered the show. One again the same old debate has begun over the content of the TV shows. People have opined that the TV shows content is day by day getting ruder and more offensive.

It has been said that the content of the show must be toned down as the reach of the TV is much wider. Moreover TV is also accessible to all age groups. This has also become a concern as the content of the TV is not monitored before the telecast. Some of the sources from the TV industry have said that the channel work on some guidelines that are laid down by the ministry of Information and Broadcasting.