Salman Khan to call for applicants from audience


The makers of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ are preparing for the upcoming season of the show. This year apart from the celebrities , the show will also feature a common man.

The promos of the show will soon be aired on TV and will have the popular man Salman Khan due to whom the audience stays intact on the show. The promos will have Salman asking the audience to send in their applications and one lucky person will be in the house with the celebrity contestants.

This is indeed a great news for the fans of the show, as one of them would get a chance to interact with the celebrities from the showbiz. Reports have said that it was Salman Khan’s idea to include a common man on the show.

More reports have said that the actor wants the show to be cleaner so that it would be suitable for family viewing. In the earlier seasons, some of the controversial celebrities like Sunny Leone, Monica Bedi, Sherlyn Chopra, Seema Parihar and many others were included on the show so as to raise the TRPs. But now it seems like the broadcasters have a better plan in mind for the audience.