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Bollywood Garam: While film maker Madhur Bhandarkar is shooting for his most ambitious project ‘Heroine’ with actress Kareena Kapoor in the lead role, reports say that the movie is inspired by the life of Manisha Koirala. The latest gossip doing the rounds is about who exactly is the inspiration of the movie.

Bhandarkar had earlier said that the movie is about the darker side of the film industry. Manisha became popular in the 90s in Bollywood, but faced a downfall in the past ten years due many reasons like alcohol abuse and several failed relationships.

The challenges in her life continued even after she got married to a businessman from Nepal. Recently, the ‘Dil Se’ actress was spotted in a drunk state while she was escorted by a friend to her car. Koirala was not even able to walk by herself and needed support.

When everything is compared to the basic plot of the movie ‘Heroine’, things seem very similar. Koirala has also been in many relationships with men of different ages.

But Madhur was quick to deny that his film was inspired by Manisha’s life and insisted that he took inspiration from many people and not a particular person. Earlier reports claimed that the movie was inspired by the late Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

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After sizzling Malaika Arora in the hot item song ‘Munnia Badnaam Hui’, Kareena Kapoor is now all set to sizzle in the item song in the ‘Dabangg’ sequel. Now the sequel of the Salman Khan starrer movie is in the news for many reasons.

One of the many reasons is Kareena Kapoor coming in place of Malaika for the item song. Since the pair of Kareena and Salman was a hit among the audience with the success of the movie ‘Bodyguard’ it was though that the pairing in the item song would also work.

Kareena has recently done ‘Chammak Challo’, which became very popular among the audience. Earlier there were reports that Malaika’s sister, Amrita Arora will be doing the item song along with Malaika and Salman.

May be this time Malaika will be concentrating more on the production of the movie. As far as Kareena is concerned, it would be interesting to see the actress groove on the tunes of ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ like item song. The original composers of the song , Lalit Pandit and Sajid-Wajid will be composing a new song for ‘Dabangg 2’. Meanwhile Kareena is busy shooting for the movie ‘Heroine’ by Madhur Bhandarkar. Certain media reports said that the script of the movie was stolen.

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Bollywood Garam: Pakistani actress Veena Malik recently confirmed that the reality show ‘Veena Ka Vivah’ is on and is she is all set to find her Mr. Right through the show. The actress, who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, said that she does not care what people think of her as she is not here to please everyone.

On the day of her birthday, Malik said that Pakistan is her country and that there are so many people out there to follow her. The actress also said that it is not necessary that every single person should love her and she is not supposed to please anyone.

Malik recently made headlines for her nude pictures on a popular magazine. The dare to bare act did not go down well with many conservative people in India as well as Pakistan.

However, the actress claimed that she did not pose nude but had just posed topless. Veena even alleged that the editors morphed her pictures. The actress is now preparing for her full-fledged role in the movie ‘Mumbai 125 KMS’ and ‘Zindagi 50 – 50’. Malik will soon be seen interacting with her prospective grooms in the upcoming reality show.

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Once again Deepika Padukone has come out of another relationship with Siddharth Mallya. Reports say that the highly publicised relationship was ended on a very bitter note.

Till now no one knows what actually went wrong with the couple. But no one had imagined that things could go so wrong that the two would even avoid facing each other at the social events.

Deepika and Siddharth were recently at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female and Male Awards and both made sure that they did not even share a ‘hi’ or a ‘hello’. Close friends of the actress say that it is her way to deal with the break up.

Friends added that she will disconnect herself for some time and once that is passed then she will move on and the relationship will become cordial again. Once things have become normal for the actress she might even become friends with the person. Earlier the same thing happened with Ranbir Kapoor. When the breakup was fresh they avoided each other at social events and now the two have become so normal that they are now been paired opposite each other in an upcoming movie with people talking that the two might even give a chance to each other.

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Seems like, Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’ has to go through a lot of turbulence. Earlier it was Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy due to which the movie got shelved and now the whole script of the movie has been stolen.

Niranjan Iyengar, the writer of the movie has lost his laptop. The laptop reportedly got stolen from his car, which had the movie’s script. Iyengar said that the laptop had all the dialogues in it that got stolen.

The writer said that he had lodged an FIR in the Khar Police Station and he hopes to get it back. However Iyengar added that the chances are less that he might get his laptop back.

Meanwhile, Madhur is now upset over the incident. Iyengar had been to Karan Johar’s office to discuss some work regarding the upcoming movie ‘Student Of The Year’, which will be shot in Jammu. The writer too is expected to join the crew in Jammu. The writer was then shocked to know that his laptop was stolen and all the script and dialogues also went along with it. Iyengar will now be re-writing the dialogues with the help of his memory. The writer claims that he remembers almost all the dialogues of the movie.

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This time two of the major Bollywood movies ‘Tere Naal Love Hogaya’ and ‘Jodi Breakers were released on the same date on February 24, 2012. While the two big Bollywood movies lock horns at the box office, people might have expected some clash.

Instead the stars of the movies Bipasha Basu and Riteish Deshmukh were seen wishing each other the best for their respective films. Bipasha wrote on Twitter, “@Riteishd Hey wish U n Genelia all the best for TNLHG!Love!”

While Riteish replied, “@bipsluvurself thank u bips- superrr duperrrr luck for JODI breakers- may both films do well- much love.” Both the stars of the movie have shown great gestures towards each other when many clashes and brawls are heard in B Town.

It was a pleasant surprise to see both the stars wishing each other the best despite they were competing against each other at the box office. The movie ‘Tere Naal Love Hogaya’ has Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza in the lead roles. While the makers of ‘Jodi Breakers’ have for the first time brought together a unique pair R Madhavan and Bipasha Basu in a unique love story. TNLHG is also the first movie released after the wedding of Riteish and Genelia.

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Bollywood Garam: Director Ashwin Chaudhary has for the first time brought together an unusual but interesting pair of Bipasha Basu and R Madhavan of ‘3 Idiots’ fame in the movie ‘Jodi Breakers’. The movie was released on February 24, 2012.

While one must have heard of match makers, ‘Jodi Breakers’ is all about match breaking. Sid played by Maddy is another divorce expert but with a difference.

Sid seduces the suspect and passes the evidence to the person who wants to get rid of him. The professional life gets even better when he joins Sonali played by Bipasha and together they become the most popular ‘Jodi Breakers’.

On the other hand Sid has his own dark personal life, where he is tired of paying alimony to his separated wife. One major reason the movie is a must watch is the unusual pairing. Then comes the picturesque locations at Greece. For a change Bipasha looks amazing and the pairing with Maddy has also worked. The romantic scenes between the two are cute and not awkward. It is just the pair that has actually worked more than the movie itself.

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The story of the newly wedded couple Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza, ‘Tere Naal Love Hogaya’ has been released on February 24, 2012. Director Mandeep Kumar has set up a simple love story and is something that the audience is always seen on screens.

Mini played by Genelia D’Souza, is a girl who does not want to marry the boy her father Bhatti has selected. The girl loves her father but is in love with her independence more than anything.

While Bhatti is upset with his daughter’s attitude the other prospective grooms think of Mini as a Canadian passport. Viren played by Riteish is an employee under Bhatti and thinks that his employer exploits him.

Riteish in the movie plays the role of a poor auto-rickshaw driver, who does not believe in short cuts. There is not a single moment in the movie that cannot be predicted fails to create an excitement. Genelia is as usual at her bubby best like she always is. While Riteish also carries his own lovable boy like image. For a change, Riteish has improved at his comedy timing, while it would be hard to expect something new from Genelia in future. Overall, a good watch for the weekend but not recommended for those who want to avoid bored stuff.

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Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, who is these days busy with the post production of his upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’, on February 21, 2012 got in to trouble with an NRI businessman. The actor while dining at a restaurant in Mumbai punched the businessman, Iqbal Sharma, who then files a complaint against him.

The ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ actor was then arrested on Wednesday evening after the complaint filed by Sharma, who claimed that he had assaulted him on his face and fractured his nose. One of the employees of the restaurant said that it was the actor who had provoked the actor.

Though Saif was released on bail on the same day, the actor then filed a counter complaint saying that he was provoked and that he had acted in self defence. Khan then also apologized for not keeping himself calm and added that it was his responsibility to behave the right way.

Saif also claimed that even he was his and that his eye was swollen. But the police says that there were no cameras installed at the restaurant where the incident took place. Till now statements of 15 people have been recorded. The incident happened at the popular Wasabi Hotel in Taj in Colaba area.

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While Amitabh Bachchan is recovering at the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai after going through abdominal surgeries, the star is eager to come back home. The main reason for his excitement is that the family is now planning for a naming ceremony of their most loved family member Beti B.

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan’s first child is at present referred as Beti B and is yet to be named. The family is now waiting for the proud grandfather to return home so that they can conduct the naming ceremony.

Reports say that the family has already finalized on the name and will be revealing it only after a formal naming ceremony. As for senior Bachchan, he is now showing signs of improvement and will soon be discharged from the hospital.

The nurses in the hospital are taking special care of the star and are also fighting for shifts to remain maximum time with Amitabh. Beti B was born on November 16, 2011 at the same hospital where Amitabh is being admitted for his abdominal surgery. Amitabh had earlier mentioned in his blog that he has to go through a minor surgery after which he will be completely fine. But some of the later reports revealed that the actor had acute pain after the surgery.